Financial & Stakeholder Communications

Making Your Stakeholder Communications Memorable and Compelling

Stakeholder communications require scrupulous review by lawyers and accountants—but they can still be memorable and compelling. 

Bring Value to Your Annual Reports

Your annual report letter, quotes in an earnings release, and spoken words on an earnings call should bring to life your commitment to deliver value to investors, create opportunity for employees, and contribute to the greater good of society. 

Conceptualizing Your Stakeholder Communications and Annual Reports

Executive Scribe has extensive experience conceptualizing and writing financial and stakeholder communications such as annual reports, ESG/CSR reports, quarterly earnings communications, and the business highlights sections of 10K, S-1, S-3, and proxy filings.

  • Annual Reports
  • ESG/CSR Reports
  • Earnings Press Releases and Scripts
  • Annual Meeting Scripts
  • Board Minutes

Getting Started

Annual Reports and ESG Reports convey your corporate brand, purpose and mission, notable accomplishments of the past year, and opportunities and challenges ahead. The fact base supporting your story — SEC filings, reporting frameworks such as GRI, SASB, and WEF, awards and other relevant data — must be scrupulously accurate and should be given useful context. Executive Scribe helps you achieve strategic objectives and a positive reception for your report through a distinctive voice and well-crafted words.  

Voice is a strategic choice and style-setter that elevates your Annual Report/ESG Report above the facts and figures. For example, an organization that wants to emphasize its human touch should have a CEO letter with personal stories and be illustrated with profiles of employees and customers. A report with an institutional voice focuses on purpose, impact, and the organization’s value proposition. A corporation or nonprofit that wants to convey its position as a global leader will have a CEO letter and report chapters that take positions, describe a mission, and call readers to action. 

Report Samples

The documents below are in the public domain. Additional samples about specific topic areas or different formats available on request. 

Make Your Executive Reports Matter

Using an executive report writer like Executive Scribe streamlines the process of creating reports and gives them direction and purpose. Bring in the expertise to make your reports special.