Award Winning Publications and Speeches by Executive Scribe

Article: "Is That Me You Just Introduced?"

Article: “Is That Me You Just Introduced?”

“Sphere Power”

Speech: “Sphere Power”


Gold Quill Award  | International Association of Business Communicators

Article: “Can This Job Be Saved?"

Article: “Can This Job Be Saved?”

Speech: "The Power of Place"

Speech: “The Power of Place”

"Speak UP!"

Article: “Speak UP!”

"Don't Be Speechless"

Article: “Don’t Be Speechless”

"(Dis)comfort at the Edge"

Speech: “(Dis)comfort at the Edge”

Article "In this auto-shop class"

Article: “In This Auto-Shop Class, Life Lessons Were Part of the Curriculum”

"Gratitude Delivers the Goods"

Article: “Gratitude Delivers the Goods”

Article: “Writing Persuasive Speeches” 

Article: “Writing Persuasive Speeches—Tips from an Award-Winning Speechwriter” 

Thoth Award  |  Public Relations Society of America

Thoth Award  |  Public Relations Society of America

Speech: “Do the Right Thing”

Speech: “Do the Right Thing”

"No Excuses. No Regrets."

Speech: “No Excuses. No Regrets”

"Make Their Day...with a tribute letter to treasure"

Article: “Make Their Day…with a tribute letter to treasure”

"Gallery Toasts American Original"

Article: “Gallery Toasts American Original”

"Don't Tell Me the Future"

Speech: “Don’t Tell Me the Future”

Cicero Award  |  Speechwriting: Management & Leadership

Cicero Award  |  Speechwriting: Management & Leadership

Article: "Eulogies: Delivering the Speech of Their Lives"

Article: “Eulogies: Delivering the Speech of Their Lives”