Speechwriting for Executives and Leaders

Leaders are sought after for speaking opportunities large and small. Event organizers want someone of your stature to deliver their keynote address, executive conferences want you on their panels, and employees and community groups want you to set the tone for their special occasion. 

Executive Scribe has a gift for the spoken word, and will craft a memorable message in your voice, in a way that brings to life your vision and purpose — and inspires followers.

Additionally, Executive Scribe has relationships with leading speech coaches and talented graphic designers who can enhance the impact and delivery of your words.

Getting Started

Factual content can be developed with external research and interviews. But only you, the speaker, can bond with your audience. That comes from connecting and sharing the most important thing you want your audience to think, feel, and do. Executive Scribe can help distill your essential points and uncover memorable stories that paint the picture and show the way. 

Symbols make strong speeches

From ancient myth to modern art, symbols have conveyed power and meaning. They can also serve as an effective vehicle to carry your spoken message. A wonder of the world (Great Pyramid of Giza), child’s building toy (K’Nex), favorite sport (auto racing), or an object (crystal ball) can elevate and enrich your remarks.  The key is relevance to the subject matter and a personal connection between you and your audience. Symbols can be memorably brought to life on the stage as a visual backdrop or even as a prop in your hands. Symbols cement a message: “Breaking Barriers…” “The Connect Effect” … “Driving Value”… “Don’t Tell Me the Future.”

Speechwriting Specialties

  • Keynote Speeches
  • TED and TED-type Remarks
  • Executive Presentations
  • Messaging/Talking Points
  • Podcast Scripts
  • Toasts and Tributes
  • Speaker Introductions
  • Eulogies

Work samples 

The speeches below have been presented and published in open forums and are in the public domain. Additional samples about specific topic areas or different formats available on request. 

No Excuses. No Regrets.

Don’t Tell Me the Future

(Dis)comfort at the Edge

Sphere Power

Do the Right Thing

The Power of Place

Take your Speech to the next level with Executive Scribe

Don’t get stuck with writer’s block, let Executive Scribe write or transform your speech into a message you are proud to share. We make it simple for you to connect with your audience in meaningful and memorable ways. Get started with Executive Scribe’s speechwriting services.