Frequently Asked Questions

Who are your typical clients?

Senior executives (CEOs, c-suite, and department heads) of major corporations, nonprofit organizations, and universities.

What is the starting point for a speech or white paper?

I start where you are. That can mean conducting interviews and studying research, then preparing a message summary and outline, and ultimately the finished product.

Or it can mean fixing an existing draft that falls short, usually because it lacks a message hook or clear structure, or is too general and impersonal. 

What does a speech or writing project cost?

The primary driver of cost is time (not word length). A project that involves extensive research, lengthy interviews, and multiple review cycles will cost more than a straight-forward writing and editing assignment. Executive Scribe works with clients to understand and estimate the time required for a project and provides the cost estimate before beginning work. Almost always, projects are completed within +/- 10% of the cost estimate. Depending on the project, Executive Scribe can also deliver work products for an agreed-upon fixed cost. 

How long does it take to write a speech or an annual report?

I’m accustomed to meeting deadlines and will work with clients to deliver as needed. 

The recommended time-frame for a keynote speech is 4-6 weeks to allow for research, interviews, a detailed outline, full draft, revised draft, and ancillary support (e.g., speaker introductions, Q&A notes, visuals). An annual report or ESG report typically is developed over a 3-to-5 month timeframe. Shorter remarks or rewriting an existing piece can be done in 1-3 days. 

Who owns the copyright to the material written by Executive Scribe?

All rights for writing/ghostwriting are transferred to you, my client.